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Product Details

PVC Exterior Wall Siding Eaves Plate is generally used to decorate the front of the cornice of a house, it needs to be equipped with a closing strip.
Product PVC Eaves Plate
Material PVC-U
Size 4000mm*250mm
Thickness 1.2mm
Color White,Yellow,Grey....customized.
Application Exterior Wall Decoration
Installation Fixings
Origin China
Featured: 1 Environmentally friendly and stable longevity 2 High intensity, resist erosion, anti aging 3 Fireproof, Waterproof, Moisture- Proof,Mould-Proof 4 Easy installation and maintenance and cleaning 1. Good toughness, nail resistance and external impact resistance. It can be cut arbitrarily according to different engineering design and process requirements, bend and change shape, will not be brittle, not easy to scratch, and resistant Acid-base corrosion and water vapor corrosion, low thermal conductivity, self-extinguishing flame retardant to B1 level standard, can effectively delay the spread of fire. 2. Anti-aging is the inherent property of PVC. It is added with anti-ultraviolet stabilizer to achieve anti-aging effect. In addition, it has strong weather resistance. It is not brittle at -40oC to 70oC, and the color is still good. 3. Service life: The service life is up to 30 years. The product is pollution-free and can be reused. It is an ideal environment-friendly decoration material. 4. Good fire performance: The product has an oxygen index of 40, flame retardant and self-extinguishing away from the fire. 5. Fast installation: The hanging board is easy to install due to its light weight and quick construction. Partial damage, only need to replace the new hanging board, simple and fast. 6. Energy saving and environmental protection: The polystyrene insulation layer can be installed on the inner layer of the hanging board very conveniently, so that the outer wall insulation effect is better. The house is warm in winter and cool in summer, which is very energy-saving. This product can be recycled and reused within 50 years and has high environmental performance. 7. Good maintenance: This product is easy to install and clean, waterproof and moisture-proof.